Kanazawa Castle Park

Animals in Kanazawa Castle Park

A lot of wild animals live in this park because the natural habitats of the Hokuriku area have been preserved very well here. For example, raccoon dogs and wood mice make nests in the Hon-maru grove. In June, green tree frogs lay eggs covered with white foam in trees over the pond. Xenodermine Snakes, which are an endangered species, live in this park, too. Sixty-one wild species of birds are observed here as of 2001, and even some rare species of birds, such as black paradise flycatchers, can be found too. Over 750 kinds of insects live in this park. Many insects found here, such as the Red Helen butterfly, are the same as those found in southern parts of Japan. This is because the Hokuriku area is actually warmer than most people think, though it is rather snowy in winter. This fact results in a big diversity of species of animals and plants. In fact, many kinds of animals perhaps over 1500 kinds--can be found in this park. We hope to preserve this rich, natural treasure for a long time.

  • Paradise flycatchers