Gyokusen'inmaru Garden

Gyokusen'inmaru Garden Light-Up

Overview of Night Openings

Dates Fridays, Saturdays, days before public holidays
Time Sunset - 21:00
Viewing Area Gyokusen'an and Karakasa-no-Takadai rest areas
Entry Free

Gyokusen'inmaru Garden “Illusionary”

This garden was cherrished by generations of Kaga Domain feudal lords and is now being displayed with a sunset-themed illumination.
The two illumination displays last for seven minutes in total.

Display① The Three Illuminations

Changing lights that transition with time.

  • Sunset Garden

  • Evening Garden

  • Moon Gazing Garden

Display② Lights of the Season

Light show with an accompanying musical performance.

Kanazawa Castle Park “Majestic”