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Outline of Facilities

In 1676 (Empo 4), Maeda Tsunanori, the 5th lord of the Kaga Domain, moved the construction office inside the castle in order to build on the site a villa called Renchi-ochin and a surrounding garden. This was the beginning of Kenrokuen.

The villa, which was rebuilt by the 6th lord Yoshinori, was located in front of the current fountain up until its destruction at the beginning of the Meiji era. During the latter half of the domain’s rule, it was also called Shigure-tei. In March 2000, it was restored at its current site. The 10-mat and 8-mat zashiki (tea rooms) facing the garden and the connecting okakoi (small tea room) were restored based on the floor plan preserved from that time.

Construction Wooden single-story construction, shake roof
Area 270u
Facilities Zashiki (tea rooms) 10, 10, 8, 8 mat, 13 mat
Yoritsuki (waiting room) 8 mat, Mizuya (preparation room) 2
Ancillary facility Shiguretei Lawn Approximately 700 m2
Front of Shiguretei Tea House
■Front of Shiguretei Tea House
Shiguretei Tea House viewd from Hasepond
■Shiguretei Tea House viewed from Hase Pond
Hase Pond viewd from tea room
■Hase Pond viewed from tea room

Shiguretei's original Japanese-style confections
■Shiguretei’s original Japanese-style confections (changes according to the season)

※Group reservations for the tea service should be made directly to Shiguretei Tea House.
Hours of operation and holidays
・Open 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (Last admission 4:00 pm)
・Closed New Years (December 29 to January 3)
Tea service fees
・Powdered tea 720 yen (with Shiguretei’s original Japanese-style confection)
・Green tea 310 yen (with Japanese-style confection)
Shiguretei Tea House plane view
  ■Shiguretei Tea House plane view
Group reservations for the tea service should be made directly to Shiguretei Tea House.。

Rental (room) fees
Category All day
Tea rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4  47,720yen 24,480yen 28,490yen
Tea room 5 15,630yen 8,020yen 9,360yen
All rooms  63,360yen 32,500yen 37,850yen 

Shiguretei Lawn use fees
 All day   2,400 yen、 Morning  1,460 yen、 Afternoon 1,460 yen


・Kanazawa Castle Park & Kenrokuen Garden Management Office
 TEL 076-234-3800 FAX 076-234-5292

・Kanazawa Castle Park & Kenrokuen Garden Management Office 
 TEL・FAX 076-232-8841

Tea rooms 1 and 3
■Tea rooms 1 and 3
Tea room 5
■Tea room 5