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Enjoy the Real Taste of Kenroku-en to the Full
Barrier-Free Course  The following two courses have less steps and slopes than the others so that the senior citizens and wheelchair users can take a stroll around the garden easily.
to Standard course
Course Time Required Main Spots
40 min. 500m Kotoji stone lantern - Observation deck - Karasaki pine - Kasumiga-ike pond - Karigane bridge - Shichifukujin-hill - Kenroku-en Kiku Zakura - Meiji monument - Neagari pine - Hanami bridge over winding streams - Uchihashi-tei tea house - Tokiwa hill - Kotoji stone lantern
ÅúA Guide to Kenroku-en
It is recommended that you take the route clockwise. Indicated time is only for your reference.
[To the wheelchair users]
* The garden has many slopes. Pay careful attention to your wheelchair. It may be easier to drive backward in some areas.
* Wheelchairs are available at free of charge. Ask at the following points:
Kanazawa Castle: Resting area at the entrance of Ishikawa-mon gate
Kenroku-en: Katsura-zaka gate, Renchi-mon gate, Kodatsuno gate and Zuishinzaka-guchi gate