Tsurumaru Soko (Tsurumaru Storehouse)

This is a mud-walled armory completed in the year 1848, during the late Edo period, and has been designated as Important National Cultural Asset along with Ishikawa-mon Gate and Sanjukken Nagaya.
From the Meiji period onwards it was used for military clothing storage by the army.
This has been called Tsurumaru Soko for a long time, but it was actually built as Higashi-no-maru Tsukedan.
Designs are different to the watchtowers and castle gates, whitch can be seen in places such as at external walls with slates on them.
This is one of the largest remains as a mud-walled store room in the castle area in Japan, and the total floor area for the 2 levels is 636m2 (excluding the lean-to part).