Tatsumi Yagura remains

The area on the eastern side of Hon-maru was called ”Higashi-no-maru,” and the small area further down on the western side was called ”Hon-maru-fudan.” The remains of the Tatsumi Yagura and the Ushitora Yagura lie at Higashi-no-maru.
In the Edo period, there was another watchtower called ”Naka Yagura” between these two yaguras.
Therefore, three watchtowers, or yaguras, used to stand on a high stone wall facing the Hyakken Moat.
Tasumi Yagura was one of the most distinctive watchtowers at Hon-maru.
The Tatsumi Yagura lay to the south-east (called the ”tatsumi” direction in those days) of the donjon, the Ushitora Yagura to the north east (the ”ushitora” direction), and finally the Inui Yagura lay to the north-west (the ”inui” direction).
These three watchtowers facing the Hyakken Moat”Tatsumi Yagura, Naka Yagura, and Ushitora Yagura”were designed to guard the Kodatsuno and Kenrokuen areas, which were believed to be the most vulnerable approaches to Kanazawa Castle.
The Inui Yagura was used for surveillance of the whole castle, including the Ni-no-maru.