Ni-no-maru (the second enclosure)

Ni-no-maru, which has a circumference of 530 meters, was an enclosure located at the center of the castle.
After Maeda Toshiie entered the castle, the lord and his family lived at Hon-maru.
At that time, the province vassals’ mansions were located at Ni-no-maru, San-no-maru, Nishi-no-maru, and Kita-no-maru.
However, after the donjon was burned down in 1602, the functions of feudal government were centralized at Ni-no-maru.
Accordingly, the Ni-no-maru Palace was re-constructed as the lords residence.
This gorgeous palace lasted for over 120 years, but a big fire in 1759 destroyed it together with almost all the buildings at the castle.
After that, Ni-no-maru Palace was rebuilt, and stood glorious as the center of the feudal government until it was finally burned down in 1881.