Kahoku-mon gate

The Kahoku-mon gate, which is the "front face of the San-no Maru (the third enclosure)" and virtually the main gate of Kanazawa Castle, is located on the top of Kahoku-zaka Hill past the front castle gate.
The Kahoku-mon gate is referred to as one of the three major gates of Kanazawa Castle, along with the Ishikawa-mon gate (listed as an important cultural asset of Japan) and the Hashizume-mon gate.
After a major fire in 1759 consumed most of the Kanazawa Castle buildings, the Kahoku-mon gate was the first of the three major gates to be reconstructed, in 1772.
This fact also shows the importance of the Kahoku-mon gate.
After the reconstruction, the Kahoku-mon gate served as the main gate of Kanazawa Castle for practical purposes until it was demolished around 1880.