Gyokusen'inmaru Garden

Gyokusen Inmaru Garden is named after Gyokusen Inmaru (also known as Eihimi), the official wife of the second-generation leader of the Maeda clan, Toshinaga, because she established a residence on the land.
Toshitsune, the clan's third hereditary leader, began the garden in year 11 of the Kan'ei era (1634), and it was later maintained by succeeding feudal lords until the abolition of the feudal system.
In March 2015, the garden was returned to its original appearance at the end of the Edo era.
The garden is characterized by its three-dimensional layout with sharply contrasting highs and lows, as well as its tall, carefully designed stone walls, most notable of which is a creatively-patterned wall called a "shikishi tanzaku-zumi stone wall."