Gojukken Nagaya

Gojukken Nagaya, which is connected to Hishi Yagura, was used as storage for weapons and other tools.
If you go up to the second floor of the reconstructed building, you can see its architectural structures easily, such as the big pine beams and wooden joints.
This building has two ”ishi-otoshi,” or stone-dropping slots.
This kind of building design is called a ”tamon”-yagura, which means ” yagura with a long house structure constructed on a stone wall or an earthen mound.
The name ”tamon yagura” comes from ”tamon-yama” Castle, which Matsunaga Hisahide constructed in 1560.
At this castle, he had a yagura, a watchtower, where he worshipped the Tamon-ten Protective God.